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Liability Waiver
Show Fees
Training Without Lessons $300/Month
This program is ideal for those clients who have an investment horse and/or a young horse that will be shown by Never Ending Farm. We offer this reduction in the training rate since weekly lessons are not needed. Your horse's progress can be shown to any owner upon prior arrangement.  
Training With Lessons $500/Month
At Never Ending farm we have many people who desire to show their own horse, so this program is ideal to allow for lesson time, as well as daily training of your horse. Training with lessons is a flat rate fee. The number of appropriate lessons can be determined by a mutual agreement between the client and Scott. Lessons may not always be done on a "show horse" or the horse in training. Never Ending Farm is equipped with many fine lesson horses that can and will be used in lessons. We feel it is important for our riders to take lessons on many different horses. Certain horses help us teach our students different riding techniques which will be useful in the show ring.  

For clients with multiple horses, the lesson fee amount will only be charged up to the number equal to riders. FOR EXAMPLE: Two horses with one rider ($500 +$300) and two horses with two riders ($500 + $500)